Top albums of 2017 – Vote for your favorites!

Top albums of 2017 – Vote for your favorites!

December is the time of looking back and therefore: making lists! What did 2017 offer musically? Very good follow-up albums and also some new discoveries. But what were the most interesting, most touching, most … (fill in the blank) top albums of 2017?

To me personally, these are the 20 top albums that appealed to me the most in 2017. I made a list, but I’m also curious about your favorites. So you can vote! Below you can select 3 albums out of this ‘top 20 albums of 2017’-list or you can add an album of your choice. After voting, you can see the preliminary results.

My favorite albums of 2017

  • Alt-J – Relaxer

    This trio created magical musical chemistry.

  • Àsgeir – Afterglow

    His velvet voice tells us so much with a sort of cheerful melancholy.

  • Benjamin Clementine – I Tell A Fly

    We hear Clementine in full glory: extravagant, theatrical, utterly unique. Somewhere between pop, soul, gospel and classical.

  • Chuck Berry – Chuck

    He gave us all a lesson in rock-and-roll at the age of 90. (cfr. previous blog post)

  • Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear

    He’s authentic, an inspiring songwriter and makes soul music new again. (cfr. previous blog post)

  • Destroyer – Ken

    It’s wonderful contrast between Dan Bejar’s singing and the lyrics on the one hand and the sophistication and the flexibility of the oiled rock machine behind him.

  • Father John Misty – Pure Comedy

    Tillmans’ voice is so beautiful, his stories demand your attention: sharp, critical, funny and even hilarious.

  • Feist – Pleasure

    It’s such a “pleasure” (sorry, but it is) to listen to this album. Feist’s music is soft and intense at the same time.

  • Fleet Foxes – Crack-Up

    Their third album has become a bold, ambitious and comprehensive record, which almost sounds like a soundtrack to a wild nature documentary, although the landmarks – the compelling melodies and harmonies – have remained intact.

  • Gorillaz – Humanz

    A typical Gorillas-album with genius ideas and musical adventures, a stubborn patchwork of styles with guests from all kinds of musical genres.

  • Hamster Axis Of The One Click Panther – Mest

    The top jazz and rock musicians of Hamster Axis aren’t afraid to turn pop classics into something radically different, with a sometimes abstinent arrangement. Interesting ànd entertaining.

  • Kamasi Washington – Harmony Of Difference

    Washington shows us that there lays beauty and harmony in diversity.

  • Randy Newman – Dark Matter

    Newman not only underlines his reputation as a top entertainer, but once again he comments on the current times with a smile.

  • Shed – The Final Experiment

    Shed keeps a beautiful balance between light and heavy work: melodic, ambient tracks and breakbeat songs.

  • STUFF. – Old Dreams New Planets

    A fantastic combination of good old-fashioned jazz funk with brand new electronics or sweltering ambient with broken hip-hop.

  • The National – Sleep Well Beast

    The band explores the limits of both electronics and stadion rock, while maintaining the old magic.

  • Thundercat – Drunk

    This is a record that you play in loop simply because it sounds that groovy ànd it surprises you with funny jokes and crazy new sounds.

  • Triggerfinger – Colossus

    The guys from Triggerfinger still rock ahead and made room for experimenting.

  • Valerie June – The Order Of Time

    Her striking voice, which hits you in the face, and her rich songs, so simple in design but so richly set up, make the new album The Order of Time a very strong album.

  • Warhaus – Warhaus

    His second album is as exiting as its predecessor: as a young Leonard Cohen Devoldere makes poetry of love, erotics and sex.

Vote for your own favorite albums of 2017!


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