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Hello world!

Hello world!

Welcome to I Dig Music.

Hi there,

I dig music that much that I keep on digging and digging into it. When I listen to all kinds of music a lot of questions pop up such as: What is this song about? Who has written it? Is it a cover and if so, what was the original? Hey, wasn’t that a sample of…? Or sometimes I’m asking myself what was popular in the 1930’s? Or what interesting music has this or that country has to offer today?
All these questions lead me from one story to another and I like to share them to you. So dig and keep on digging into it!

Yours truly,

Music digger


I'm just a passionate music fan that loves digging after the story and history behind it. At about the age of 8, I got my first radio and my first single. OK, one was by the Smurfs and the other was by Nicole, the Eurovision Song Contest winner in 1982. Anyhow, this was the start of a great musical adventure.

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