Music digging in France: discovering Brigitte’s album ‘Nues’

I have discovered Brigitte. Who? She’s French and sounds beautiful. And with ‘Nues‘ (= French for ‘naked’ or ‘bare’) as the album title, it sounds intriguing, right? Let me share this and begin at the beginning. Music digging in France I’ve made it my own little tradition to dig into the country’s music I’m visiting, […]

New Year’s Resolution: Music digging and keep on digging!

New Year’s Resolution: Music Digging and keep on digging Happy New Year! Happy New Year to all! May 2018 be a year full of love, warmth, good memories and lots of fun. But most of all: I wish everyone lots of music enjoyment! New Year’s Resolution Personally, I’ve never made lots of New Year’s resolutions, […]

Albums for a soulful, bluesy, rocking or cosy Christmas

At christmas time I always had a soft spot for christmas music. You have the classic songs of course, like “White Christmas” or “Winter Wonderland”, etc. They are definitely all right, because Christmas time is also about traditions. But I like those classics in soulful, funky, or bluesy style. Favorite Christmas albums During the years, […]

Top albums of 2017 – Vote for your favorites!

December is the time of looking back and therefore: making lists! What did 2017 offer musically? Very good follow-up albums and also some new discoveries. But what were the most interesting, most touching, most … (fill in the blank) top albums of 2017? To me personally, these are the 20 top albums that appealed to […]

20 Belgian Music Giants You Should Know About

Digging music in Belgium Inspired by a book I just finished reading about Belgian music – Belpop Bonanza by Jan Delvaux (in Dutch) – I thought it was time for some “country digging”. What are my favorite Belgian artists or songs? Who are the greatest Belgian music giants the world should know about? Something in […]

Happy 78th birthday, Tina Turner!

Happy 78th birthday, Tina Turner!

Tina Turner turns 78! Tina Turner turns 78 today. She was born on November 26 1939 as Anna Mae Bullock in maybe the best known rural community in Tennessee: Nutbush City Limits. The town is world-famous thanks to the song she wrote herself back in 1973, back in the Ike & Tina days. Nowadays, she’s […]

Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear

Curtis Harding – Face Your Fear

Curtis Harding – ‘Face Your Fear’ is out! (Anti- ‎Records) I’m wild about Curtis Harding’s new album Face Your Fear. The album is soul, but not what you think. It’s punk, but not what you think. It’s psychedelic, but … Previously… Curtis Harding caught my attention when he released his debut album, Soul Power, in 2014. I […]

Oh No! – Not The Violin!?!

Oh No! – Not The Violin!?! When my son told me he wanted to learn to play the violin, my immediate reaction was: “What?!? No! Not the violin?!?” Then I thought: ok, it’s just a phase. He saw something on tv, a cartoon figure playing the violin or something. And hey, he was only 5 […]

Antoine “Fats” Domino – Sad Day On Blueberry Hill

Fats Domino’s music stays alive Fats Domino passed away on October 24, 2017 at the age of 89. Since I heard the news on the radio, I’ve got his music playing in loop. If not through my speakers at home, his songs continue to play in my head. I’m in mourning and trying to keep him […]

Cyndi Lauper – Not Just A Girl

Cyndi Lauper Girls Just Wanna Have Fun As a kid, just about starting discovering the world of music, I was wild about this song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” by Cindy Lauper. In fact, everything about the song appealed to me. Not in the least the video clip that oozed a great feeling of fun […]